Brief Introduction to Latchi

Latchi Village
Latchi, lying on the North West coast of Cyprus, is a large, traditional Turkish-Cypriot village (or small town), which very successfully combines being a bustling, working fishing harbour, and a popular - and exceptionally quiet and peaceful family holiday destination. than ten miles from Paphos city itself. Conveniently situated a 10 minute drive from Paphos Airport, Latchi is a fantastic way to enjoy rural Cypriot life away from the crowds without the hassle of long bus or taxi transfers.


Friendly Latchi
exceptionally quiet and peaceful family holiday destination. Less than 15 miles from the bustling town of Paphos , with its cosmopolitan crowd and excellent amenities (and its international airport), Latchi lies on a fertile, rocky plain between the mountains and the Mediterranean � offering stunning, romantic views in all directions, and is surrounded by citrus, pistachio and olive groves, vineyards and a typically evocative Cypriot landscape. Friendly Latchi Latchi has a deserved reputation for being exceptionally friendly and welcoming to families and all visitors, and is an ideal destination for a tranquil holiday - far enough from the bright lights to retain its local integrity and traditional, unspoilt ambience, but near enough to provide all the essentials for an activities-packed holiday. Like most places in Cyprus, it's relaxed, laid-back, and informal.

Weather in Latchi

Cyprus is on the edge of Asia, and the country as a whole is one of the hottest destinations in the Mediterranean. The whole country enjoys well over 300 sunny days every year with two thirds of the rain falling during the winter. December through to March tend to be wet rather than cold, although on average you can still expect a fair bit of sunshine. In the summer months temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius - something to be aware of if you�re planning strenuous activities such as walking or hiking. Generally speaking, Paphos benefits from a sea breeze on very hot days, and heading into the Troodos Mountains will provide further relief from high temperatures.

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Latchi Restaurant and Bars

Latchi is a fishing village and is known for it's quality of fresh fish and excellent seafood restaurants. Olives are grown in the region providing quality local olive oil and fresh olives. Local vineyards provide excellent white wine and citrus fruits are also a popular crop.

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