Cypriot people retain strong family links with grandparents often living with the family (and being cared for by children and grandchildren as they grow older). There is a general tradition of deference towards authority which is often dictated by age, and as a mark of respect it is not usual to call anyone by their first name until they invite you to do so.

Greek Cypriots are generally Christian, and Turkish Cypriots generally Muslim. It's customary to shake hands when meeting or greeting a Cypriot person, but bear in mind that strict Turkish Cypriots may not greet or interact with women to the same extent that Christian men do. If eating with Cypriot people, observe strict etiquette, such as waiting to be seated and refraining from eating until the host has been served. In social settings the eldest attendee is usually the priority for seating and service. Use your right hand to pass food across the table, eat with a knife and fork and ensure you finish the food on your plate.

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Since January 2008 the official currency in Cyprus has been the Euro which replaced the Cypriot Pound. Cypriot Euro notes feature images of local churches, mosques, turtles and pottery. Some Turkish areas in northern Cyprus still use the Turkish Lira.


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